Market Research

Private Client Studies

Private Client Market research has been carried out for the following companies:

  • Commercial Polymers (now Kemcor - a joint Exxon/Mobil venture)

  • Shell Chemicals

  • ICI Australia (now Orica)

  • Hoechst

  • CSR Softwoods

  • Bradford Insulation

  • Mobil

  • Bradford Air

  • Kraft

  • Reflex Services

  • Switzerland Insurance

  • Containers Packaging (A Division of Amcor)

Multi-Client Studies and "The META Group"

Multi-client studies have been carried out for BIS Shrapnel and The Meta Group. These studies in the plastics and chemicals area include:

  • "Flexible Packaging" - 1987, 1990, 1993

  • "The Australian Market for Flexible Packaging"

  • "The Australian Market for Pipes, Tubes & Hoses"

  • "The Australian Market for Food Additives" - 3 Volumes

  • "The Australian Market for Plastic Additives"

In addition, large special client studies involving an interview base approaching 1000 people have been conducted for James Hardie;

  • "The Australian Market for Plastic Pipes"

And for Waste Service NSW;

  • "Monitor of Satisfaction Amongst Customers for the Liquid Waste Disposal Plant" (2 studies)

  • "Monitor of Satisfaction Amongst Customers at Solid Waste Disposal Facilities" (5 studies)

  • "Customer Awareness of Safety at Waste Service Facilities"

  • "Re-Evaluation of Small Vehicle Customer Satisfaction Index"

These larger studies are conducted together with another research associate and are conducted as "The META Group".

Monthly Reports

The service of acquiring, interpreting and disseminating plastic resin and film statistics in a form useful to a number of client companies has been provided by Tizzana Management Services Pty. Ltd. since the late 1980's and is to our knowledge, unique in Australia. In addition, Tizzana Management Services Pty. Ltd. conduct monthly resin market monitors for HDPE, LDPE, and PP for the polymer resin industry.

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