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Tizzana Management Services Pty. Ltd. (ABN 28 003 145 024) is a private company formed in 1986 to provide market research, market and business analysis, and technical advice into the chemicals, plastics and food industries.

In addition, since the early 1990's, it has provided computer installations, training and web site production for a number of service industry clients.

Apart from these business services, Tizzana Management Services Pty. Ltd. also trades as the following businesses:

Staff Profile

Peter Auld

Director - Tizzana Management Services Pty. Ltd.


  • B.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) - University of NSW 1966

  • M.Sc. (Polymer Science) - University of NSW 1968

  • B.App.Sc. (Wine Science) - Sturt University 1988

  • Associate RACI

Professional Experience

  • 1966 to 1984 - Various technical and marketing positions in the chemicals and plastics divisions of Union Carbide Australia.

  • 1975 to current - Proprietor, Tizzana Winery.

  • 1984 to 1986 - Long range planning, acquisitions, financial analysis and Government relations, Commercial Polymers Pty Ltd.

  • 1986 to current Director, Tizzana Management Services Pty Ltd.

  • A number of projects have been initiated whilst with Tizzana Management Services Pty. Ltd. and the majority of these have been in the chemicals, plastics, and packaging industry. In more recent times projects have also been involved in tourism and vineyard development.

Carolyn Auld

Director - Tizzana Management Services Pty. Ltd.


  • B.Visual Arts - Nepean College of Advanced Education 1985

Professional Experience

  • 1975 to current - Proprietor / Licensee, Tizzana Winery.
  • 1986 to current Director, Tizzana Management Services Pty Ltd.

Jonathan Auld

Research Assistant / Systems Administrator - Tizzana Management Services Pty Ltd


  • Ass.Dip.A.P. - Hawkesbury Agricultural College 1988

  • B.I.T. - Central Queensland University 2001

  • Member Australian Computer Society

  • Member SAGE-AU - System Administrators Guild of Australia

  • MCP Microsoft Certified Professional

  • CWA - Level 2 Certified Wine Advisor, International Wine Academy


Involved in a number of projects since joining Tizzana Management Services including:

  • Data processing project in conjunction with the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Development and maintenance of data bases for private clients
  • Technical advice to Brackish Water Fish Culture Research Station, Taylors Beach
  • Dangerous Goods (explosives) transportation for Reflex Services, Kalgoorlie
  • Computer installations and training for a number of companies including Cust Watman & Co., The Hills Lodge, Tourism Hawkesbury Inc., Narwee Hotel, Randwick Royal Hotel, Hotel Bondi and Hampton Court Hotel, John J. Paine Ross & Co., as well as a number of smaller clients.
  • Advertising design and web site development for a number of small companies, including many in the tourism industry.
  • Various desktop publishing brochures including the "Hawkesbury Bicentennial Times" newspaper.
  • Data processing and accounting management for many of the company's projects.

Toni Bates

Holds a B.App.Sc.(Hon) majoring in Chemistry, gained from U.N.S.W. She has had over 17 years experience in industrial market research, specialising in the plastics packaging, chemicals & food industries operating within the Market Research Divisions of Union Carbide Australia and BIS Shrapnel, and over the last 11 years as a freelance consultant. Toni's involvement is through "The META Group" where her expertise in questionnaire development, field force briefing, field force monitoring, and report writing for our larger studies. Toni has conducted private and multi-client investigations, many of which were in the plastics and food industries.

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